100 Years after ... The British Legacy in Palestine: Balfour and Beyond

02 November 2017 12:00 to 16:30

American Colony Hotel, East Jerusalem

On the centenary of the actual date of that fated letter which redirected the history of the region, this mini-conference will subject it to intense scrutiny.  Keynote from Avi Shlaim (Oxford University) and two roundtables with speakers: Rema Hammami (Birzeit), Steven Wagner (Brunel), Salim Tamari (Institute of Palestine Studies), Roberto Mazza (Limerick), Raja Shehadeh (independent writer), Rana Barakat (Birzeit), Jacob Norris (Sussex), and Lauren Banko (Manchester). The event is free but registration is required at: https://edubook.eventsmart.com/events/bd/ 

This is a joint event between the Kenyon Institute, the Educational Bookshop, and the British Council Palestine. All are welcome, but get yourself booked in quickly! See attached flyer.
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