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CBRL Funding of Research

CBRL offers funded fellowships, project awards and travel grants. CBRL also offers unfunded honorary fellowships and project affiliations. CBRL job opportunities, when available, are also advertised in this section.

How to Apply

CBRL maintains a broad and highly active engagement in research, but the bulk of funding for this research comes from such sources as the British Academy, the AHRC, the ESRC and other bodies such as the Leverhulme Trust. Only a small proportion will be directly funded by CBRL. By carefully targeting our resources we believe we are able to make a significant impact. The CBRL provides funding to research projects awards made available from the funds it receives from the British Academy through its grant-in-aid. A vital part of our work is to support British universities, however CBRL's research funding also employs research-active staff to manage its facilities, conduct their own research and support other research. CBRL also provides unfunded institutional support to projects through affiliations and to individuals through Honorary Fellowships.

New funding opportunity: Centennial Awards

In 2019 the CBRL celebrates 100 years since the founding of our active research community, initially centring on the BSAJ and now incorporating the BIA, the KI and wider Levantine research areas.

To commemorate the anniversary, the CBRL will be offering a number of Centennial Awards for research or events focusing on the history of British scholarship in the area and early Mandate history, society and politics. We are particularly seeking creative grant applications for either archival research projects, outreach activity, or networking events that lead to new synergies, and which aim to engage new audiences for the CBRL with innovative and stimulating new perspectives. 

We will offer small grants of up to £2,000 each, for research or activities undertaken by an individual; and larger awards of up to £5000 each, for group or team-based events.

For further information please contact CBRL.

CBRL FundingCBRL Funding

To apply for CBRL funding, honorary positions and unfunded affilations, as well as any jobs that arise please see detailed information about each application process by clicking the relevant links below. Please note that only CBRL members are eligible to apply for funding.

1. Fellowships: these include Senior Visiting Fellowships and Visiting Research Fellowships.
2. Project Awards: these include Pilot Project Awards, Project Completion Awards and Project Affiliations.
3. Travel Grants: for exploratory research visits.
4. Conference and Outreach Funding: for the support of conferences, exhibitions, or other forms of outreach.
5. Volunteering: volunteer to work at CBRL Kenyon Institute or CBRL British Institute in Amman in exchange for free accommodation and breakfast.
6. Job Opportunities: please follow this link for CBRL related job postings.